Financial Education in the Math Classroom

Connect with other math teachers and to useful, lessons, math tools, Dr. Math answers and a community of teachers dedicated to including financial content in their classrooms.

Are you a math explorer?

Do you like to use your mathematical imagination? Wonder about math all around you? Discover and invent new patterns? Here are some ways to share your ideas and learn about other students' and mathematicians' ideas!

Math Tools

Math Tools is a community library built around interactive math tools that use such technology as Java, spreadsheets, dynamic geometry software, graphing calculators, iPads and more! Users can save favorites, rate items, and read and participate in discussions linked to each resource.

Internet Math Library

This searchable and annotated library gives you quick and easy access to thousands of the best math and math education-related resources on the web.

Math Community Issues

Interested in learning more about math and math teaching, and the issues that are at the forefront of math education in our communities? Check out this collection of articles and web sites that are devoted to critical thinking about the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Teacher Exchange

Lessons by teachers, for teachers. Want an exciting lesson presented at a conference or featured in a newsletter? Come to the Teacher Exchange and share the lessons that engage students. Over 250 user-contributed activities are available, and you can also get support for publishing your own ideas.


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Grow with Math Forum professional development. Read more about professional development events and programs that The Math Forum has done to support teacher professional growth and school and district integration of technology into the teaching and learning of mathematics.

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