QUESTION: Once students are registered, what should they do next? When they submit, what exactly do they need to do?

Many teachers print and photocopy the problem and have students solve it on paper before going to the computer. Use the "Print This Problem" link at the top of any problem for a clean copy.

When students are ready to submit online:

  1. For problems from the Problems Library, students go to, then the "Problems & Puzzles" tab and then Problems of the Week Library in the subhead under the tab. There is a field where they can enter the problem number on the Problems of the Week Library page. For Current PoWs, students select from the list of buttons, or choose Current Problems in the subhead under the Problems & Puzzles tab to see all four at once.
  2. Students will be asked for their individual Username and Password. (Please remind them that capitalization matters, as passwords are case sensitive.)
  3. When students are ready to submit an answer, they click on "Compose answer" at the bottom of the problem page.
  4. On the next page:
    If students are submitting in groups, they may add other students to their submission using the "Add Classmates" link below their name.
    Students should type in their summary answer in the field labeled "Summarize your answer in a sentence or two," and their explanation of how they arrived at that answer in the field labeled "Explain how you solved the problem. Include your math."
    Here, students have the option of uploading an image. This is useful for conveying visual representations that do not translate easily to text. We accept files saved in jpg, jpeg, png or gif formats. They can be digital photos, screen shots, computer generated drawings, or scanned images of a drawing on paper.
    Finally, they should click "submit answer" only once. If they'd like to save their work so far and come back to it later, they can click "I'll finish later" instead. Their MyPoWs page will list it as a draft solution when they revisit it.
  5. The results screen has three options: check answer, return to My PoWs, or log out.
    Their answer is already queued for mentoring by you if you have assigned them to yourself using an option under "Mentoring My Students" on your My PoW Work page, or by free or paid mentors if you're using those services. It will also show up in your "View work" link under "My Students' Work" on your My PoW Work page. To revise recent submissions, students should go to their My PoWs page, where they will see an option to resume work on unfinished answers.
    Students may choose "Check Answer" after they finish entering their answer—this will give their answer priority for mentoring if you're using a free or paid mentor. Students may still revise their answer after this step.
    Please remind students to log out when they are finished using the service.

If you have questions, please contact us by email [any time]
or phone: 800-756-7823 [Mon - Fri, 8:00 am - 6 pm Eastern].

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